Take a look at what others has to say about Joe Courtney!


“Joe Courtney is my friend. It’s not because of his career in the NBA, after going undrafted. It’s because of the man he has become and continues to be.”

~ Charles Barkley, Hall of Fame NBA Player Media Personality


“Joe Courtney recently delivered the kickoff keynote for our annual conference. Joe was the right choice. He commanded the room from opening to close and brought optimism and energy to his delivery. Joe is the real deal!”

~ Robert Groves MD, Vice President, Banner Health  


“I’ve created systems almost anyone can use to grow their digital business, but even the best systems will fall short if they aren’t implemented. Joe Courtney’s book is the missing link. It dives deep into the reader’s inner roadblocks and motivations, and allows them to make the necessary internal connections that cause massive positive action!”

~ Ryan Deiss, Ceo and Founder of Digital Marketer


Joe Courtney was very engaging with our entrepreneurs and brought a personal perspective to what it takes to succeed and to be self-aware.

~ Courtney Klein, CEO and Founder of SEED SPOT


"Joe's book is a testament to the idea that misery is optional and being successful at enjoying the passage of time is all about focusing on things that will make you better, not dwelling on things that will detract from your success."

~ Peter Fine - CEO, Banner Health


" Joe Courtney really delivered at our Elite Global Business Leaders event. His powerful presence and magnetic personality paired with an impactful relevant message were a slam dunk."

~ Clate Mask, CEO Infusionsoft


" Joe did a wonderful job of weaving his message right into the fabric of our culture, emphasizing the need for both individual and team success. He did it in a way that engaged his audience, talking with them instead of talking at them. Almost immediately following his presentation, I received many emails thanking us for bringing Joe in to share his philosophy of how to be successful and be 100% present in your own life."

~ Joyce B. Santis, CEO, Sonora Quest Laboratories/Laboratory Sciences of Arizona


"Joe really understands what it takes to build a high performance team. He understands the important psychology of people which is the only way you can begin to transform your culture. He is also a great guy and our team really enjoyed having him part of our annual retreat!"

~ Eric Farber, Farber & Co


“Joe provided a higher level of motivation to IT Business Leaders, individual contributors and potential clients that resonated greatly with all industries. Thank you for sharing your method of success and detailed approach on how to “Live Above and Beyond the Rim”. Anyone who listens to Joe’s presentation or reads his book will be on the track to elevating their success in both business and personal endeavors. “

~ Brenda Leonhardt, EMC² Federation | Territory Account Manager | Mid Market Arizona


"I was impressed with the way Joe captured the audience. He weaved in his real life experiences in a way the audience could identify. He brought home the idea that while we are all living such varying lives we all have the same opportunities to make a difference in what we do and how we do it. I will not forget his ending remarks, "If you don't remember anything else from my message today, remember one thing. Stay Present". That point still resonates with me today."

~ Rick Murray, CEO Arizona Small Business Association


“I wanted to thank you for the fantastic presentation at our Area Sales Rally last month. Your connection to my team and your engagement to our industry was very motivating. My team specially enjoyed your past stories and how you wove the basic business theories into our daily routines at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. That was very impactfull for all of us. Thank you for your enthusiasm and professional presentation as well. The are still talking about it!”

~ Kari Monk, Area Sales Manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage


" Joe’s keynote was a great blend of practical, real life experience that allowed the team to more easily recognize and relate to their own opportunities for success, however it also importantly emphasized the need to not let the status quo drive your perception of your own capabilities, to consistently deny the inner thief and that life above the rim was an attainable and sustainable goal. Our team walked away with great insight and actionable guide posts! "

~ Chris Downie, Chief Executive Officer


"Joe spoke at our "economics of sports" teacher professional development workshop. Joe talked about sports, money, friendship and coaching, relating to the teachers really well. The teachers were fascinated and motivated by his stories and message. Thank you, Joe, for making an impact on education and sharing valuable information with all our teachers and tens of thousandsof their students!"

~ Elena Zee, President & CEO Arizona Council on Economic Education


"Mr. Joe Courtney is one of the most captivating speakers I have ever met. He engages the audience on an emotional level. Most people can relate to his stories and feel his authenticity. Joe’s powerful messages hit home with people. He is an impactful individual, but his action-driven, inspiring, and encouraging messages demonstrate his true power."

Olenka Cullinan, CEO


" When you shared your life experiences and your vision of what your plans were to achieve your goals, you laid out a road map for our athletes of how to reach their dreams. You made it clear that “no, you can’t” is not an option. There is no limit to what individuals can do when they truly believe in themselves.”

~ Cliff McKenzie, Executive Director of Exceptional Customer Service for the Scottsdale Unified School District


" If you need someone to drive a message to heart, listen to Mr. Joe Courtney. His speaking ability is beyond dynamic. In his speeches, Mr. Courtney gives people a direction to their future. Joe has enthusiasm, sincerity, and quality message. I was thoroughly impressed with his down-to-earth demeanor and his connection with the audience."

Maria Jones, Esq., CEO