Joe Courtney Will Engage Your Group While Impacting Your Audience To Own Their Efficiency and Results. Your Audience will be be Empowered and Transformed!

"I was impressed with the way Joe captured the audience. He weaved in his real life experiences in a way the audience could identify. He brought home the idea that while we are all living such varying lives we all have the same opportunities to make a difference in what we do and how we do it. I will not forget his ending remarks, "If you don't remember anything else from my message today, remember one thing. Stay Present". That point still resonates with me today."

~ Rick Murray, CEO Arizona Small Business Association

" Joe Courtney really delivered at our Elite Global Business Leaders event. His powerful presence and magnetic personality paired with an impactful relevant message were a slam dunk."

~ Clate Mask, CEO Infusionsoft

Joe offers 2 types key elements in his programs and speeches for your group or organization:

Motivational: Joe has the ability to reach and connect with the audience providing content, stories and dynamic transitions that will leave them motivated, excited and eager to take on life’s challenges.

Transformational: This is where Joe separates himself from other speakers. Joe has developed an extremely effective set of tools that will go below the surface and create an internal shift-like flipping on a light switch with the listeners that once exposed they will be enlightened and transformed. One of these powerful transformation techniques he calls “Exposing the Thief” from within.

Here are some results to expect:

        1. Each individual understands for the first time in their life, why he or she has not been able to reach their goals
        2. Listeners will take ownership of their lives and put away excuses
        3. Increased responsibility for their Job
        4. Increased productivity
        5. Collaborative culture for success
        6. Accountability exercises that will keep them on track and Create a Winning Culture



Keys to Elevate you to Peak Performance

New Keynote based on his latest Book

Learn what it takes for you to take your performance to the next level

          • What you have to do first in order to make a change
          • What to expect on your success journey so that you can be prepared
          • Acknowledge your limits and what you need to improve on
          • Setting up Systems of Accountability
          • Getting out of Neutral and Taking Action!

Unlock what’s keeping you from Peak Performance

New Keynote based on his latest Book!

Learn the hidden element that keeps you from achieving your goals

          • Expose the hidden element in you that steals your dreams
          • Understand that things in your past can control your future
          • Become aware of when the thief from within us is trying to steal from you
          • Find out what impact the thief is causing you and your surroundings
          • Transform yourself so that you can control the thief from within
          • Keep the thief from coming back forever


Understanding how & why empowering others is so critical to success

          • Importance of Empowering others
          • Your role in the Cycle of Success
          • Mentorship
          • Creating a winning culture
          • Leading by Influence vs Dictatorship
          • Your Legacy



Joe offers individual, group leadership and personal performance coaching

          • Identify how to connect with the real you
          • Identify what’s been holding you back
          • Transforms you personally
          • Unlocks your power from within and elevates your personal performance to a higher level
          • Provides clarity and focus of your goals
          • Accountability Success Plan
          • How to create a culture of success around you



          • Joe can share a message and coaching via Conference Call
          • Custom training and Empowerment Webinar for your team, group, organization or company